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Saturday, 28 January 2023



Ribera del Guadiana is Extremadura’s Denomination of Origin for wine. One of the newest D.O.s in Spain, it is synonymous with modern, high-quality wines that have developed their own character.
The region’s wineries have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology over the last few years. This has enabled them to produce fruit-driven wines and offer extraordinary value for money. Consumers from all over the world are now realised a new jewel has been uncovered in the Spanish wine world – Ribera del Guadiana.
What’s more, Extremadura is perhaps the most unspoilt natural paradise in Spain. Beautiful lakes and mountains are juxtaposed with rolling olive groves and vines. These surroundings are also home to the best ham in the world, made from the Iberian breed of pig, and gorgeous soft cheeses. This fine food makes incredible pairings with local wines – terroir is embodied in every mouthful.
Dynamic and different, Ribera del Guadiana has forged its identity. We invite you to get to know us.


A new era in Extremaduran winemaking began when the D.O.’s Regulatory Board was founded. The region brought itself quickly up to date and headed into the 21st century. Winemakers and farmers worked hard and invested heavily; together they’ve managed to create an important niche for Ribera del Guadiana in the Spanish wine world.
The D.O. is made up of 26,000 hectares of vines. These are divided into six production areas, of all which share a similar climate in spite of the distance between them. Long, hot summers might mean that grapes sometimes ripen quickly, but cutting-edge technology enables us to produce fruit-driven wines that are fresh and juicy. These rounded wines are typically Spanish and offer excellent value for money.