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Saturday, 28 January 2023


"I am fortunate to work in one of the main industrial, economic and cultural sectors of my land, Extremadura, in an activity related to the promotion of wine, its quality and culture."

Maite ArroyoOffice Manager

Telf: 924 67 13 02

E-mail: maite.arroyo@riberadelguadiana.eu

Administration Functions

  • Reception and first attention to the public.
  • Records of incoming and outgoing correspondence and documents.
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Computerisation of daily accounting operations.
  • Tracking of accounts, reconciliations and journal entries.
  • Invoice accounting.
  • Collection management (fees and dues).
  • Classification and filing.
  • Management of payments.
  • Accounting closures.
  • Maintenance of the treasury budget, preparation of information for the monitoring of financial statements.
  • Allocation of accounting entries and justification of customer accounts.
  • Management of the company’s cash outflows.
  • Invoice management, checking with purchase orders.
  • Support in negotiations with banks.
  • Preparation and review of financial statements and annual accounts.
  • Support in budget preparation, budget control and budget reporting.
  • Warehouse control (back labels, guarantee seals).
  • Documentation control and maintenance of department-specific databases.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention Management.
  • Payroll and personnel contract management.