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Saturday, 28 January 2023


"Passionate about vineyards and good wines"

Marisol ArguetaJefa de Panel e Inspector Técnico

Telf.: 649 91 63 63
Email: marisol.argueta@riberadelguadiana.eu

Panel Head Functions

  • Annually review the quality system implemented in the laboratory.
  • Collaborate in the elaboration of the Quality system documents.
  • Prepare and review budgets.
  • Represent the laboratory before external organisations (Ministries, ENAC, etc.).
  • Evaluate suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Approve purchases (at least for purchases > €3000).
  • Approve contracts.
  • Ensure that the laboratory has adequate qualified personnel, facilities, equipment and materials.
  • Carry out qualification or de-qualification of staff.
  • Ensure the establishment of and compliance with the quality system.
  • Carrying out staff selection, training and coaching activities.
  • Establish test/calibration/verification and maintenance methods and procedures.
  • Validation of methods together with Manager.
  • Oversee and evaluate the results of tests and of the personnel under her responsibility.
  • Establish corrective, preventive and improvement actions.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation for the preparation of test reports.
  • Sign the test reports.
  • Oversee the calibration and maintenance programme of the equipment under her responsibility.
  • Implement the internal calibration system in the equipment under her responsibility.
  • Manage or perform calibrations of equipment under her responsibility.
  • Perform the necessary test quality assurance activities.
  • Collaborate in the evaluation of suppliers.
  • Convene and coordinate the tasting sessions together with the panel technician.
  • Develop a “code of ethics” for sensory judges or tasters.

Technical Inspector Functions

  • Inspections for pruning controls.
  • Inspections for ripening controls.
  • Sample collection.
  • Carrying out studies and reports.