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Saturday, 28 January 2023


(Foto cedida por el Ayto. de Cañamero)


The region of Cañamero is situated in a mountain range called Sierra de Guadalupe. The vineyards are planted at an average altitude of 849m above the sea level. It shows a rough relief and the vines are preferably planted on the slopes in poor, slate-based soils.


The climate is mild, without great thermal contrast and an annual rainfall of about 750 to 800mm.


The most widely planted grape variety in Cañamero is the indigenous white Alarije, spreading throughout three quarters of the total surface in this area. In a smaller proportion we can also find other white varieties such as Chelva, Malvar and red varieties such as Tempranillo and Garnacha.

The blending of different varieties is common in this area, as well as the mixed cropping, especially the combination of vines and olive trees.


In this production area we can find the following towns: Alia, Berzocana, Cañamero, Guadalupe and Valdecaballeros.